SocCon 2019 New Zealand Social Sciences Conference

Tūrangawaewae – A Sense of Place 

‘A Sense of Place’ is our theme for 2019

Through the lens of the Social Sciences, this theme offers exploration on many levels. On an individual level it may be about identity, tūrangawaewae, or being part of a community. Communities, both physical and conceptual, have a sense of place. On a national level it may be about New Zealand’s identity, our place in the world. What has shaped it, how has it changed, and what might it be in the future?

It is a theme that draws together all four strands in the NZC – Identity, culture and organisation, Place and environment, Continuity and change, and the Economic World, and should prove to be an inspiring and thought-provoking focus for SOCCON 2019.

SOCCON 2019 is an opportunity to cement the Social Sciences as an integral component in our NZ curriculum.  Come and celebrate, as a Social Science community, the breadth and diversity of our subject area.  Connect with fellow Social Scientists to learn, be challenged and develop our skills as expert educators in our field. The conference will include inspiring keynote speakers and headliners as well as a wide range of workshops that will cover all areas of the Social Science curriculum.

30 September to 2 October 2019 – Waipuna Hotel, Auckland




Google Geo Tools 2

Are you ready for another journey through the Google Geo Tools and a dive into some new developments that are out there on the Range of Geo tools that are available to us?

This is great for Geo/Social Studies teachers or any classroom teachers who just want to learn more about the tools tagged with ‘geo’ that they can use in their classrooms

This will be at the end of week 3 of Term 4 (Saturday 3rd November) with Steve Smith when we should have a little more time to think and play.

Check out my geo tools site at :

The day long course will cover ;

  • Earth updates
  • Expeditions
  • Tour builder/creator

There will be an emphasis on teach, learn, play on the day.

To secure your place please register your interest by 3rd October at; REGISTER HERE

The cost of the day will be $15 (includes morning tea). The course will be held at Takapuna Grammar in Auckland.

Google Geo Tools 2018 flyer

Virtual Field trips

Here are some Virtual Field trips you might be interested in doing with your students.

  1. Finding Resilience – the technology behind locating and responding to natural hazards
    • GPS, GIS, the GIS hazard resource for schools
    • 29 – 31 Aug
    • Wellington
  2. Love your rubbish – waste, or valuable resource?
    • Landfills vs ?
    • 12 – 14 Sep
    • Kate Valley
  3. What`s the plan, Stan? – getting ready for an emergency
    • how people participate individually and collectively in response to community challenges
    • 17 – 19 Oct
    • Christchurch (but TBC)
  4. Life at the Boundary – investigating natural hazards
    • AS91007 and AS91426?
    • 31 Oct – 2 Nov
    • Hawkes Bay

Teachers can enrol in any of these trips here.