We at the AGTA hope you have enjoyed a well-deserved break, whether it involved jetting abroad for a break or setting up camp in front of the tv with a glass of wine.

This term is a busy one for the teaching calendar and also for AGTA events! See below for a list of all that is coming up over this term. We have recently added a calendar to our front page which lists upcoming events. Click on the date of an event and you will be taken to a page with more details about this event, as well as directions on how to get there.

If you haven’t taken the time to register for the upcoming AGTA Quiz, you still have time! Registrations close on Wednesday 7th August.

Practice exams are now live and available for members to use. You can find these under the header “Exams”. Let us know if you found them useful – we love getting feedback from our members.

Upcoming events:

Maatangi Whenua quizzes

(for NZBOGT member schools only – registrations have now closed)

Region Dates and location of competition

(Auckland Branch)

Week 3 Term 3 – Tuesday 6th August 2019

Bream Bay College, Peter Snell Rd, Ruakaka, 0116 (TBC)

Time:   5 – 8 pm (TBC)

Auckland Central

(Auckland Branch)

Week  4 Term 3 – Tuesday 13th August 2019

St Cuthbert’s College, Clouston Hall

Time:   4.30pm for 5.00pm start

Auckland North Shore

(Auckland Branch)

Week 2 Term 3 – Thursday 1st August 2019

Takapuna Grammar, Lake Road, Takapuna, 0622 – School Library

Time:   4.30pm for 5.00pm start

Waikato/BOP Week 4 Term 3 – Wednesday 14th August 2019

Tauranga Girls College, 930 Cameron Road, Tauranga

Time:   4.30pm start TBC

Palmerston North

(Manawatu Branch)

Week 3 Term 3 – Tuesday 6th August 2019

School of People, Environment and Planning, Massey University, Room TBC

Time:   5.30pm



(Manawatu Branch)

Week 2 Term 3 – Monday 29th July 2019

Francis Douglas Memorial College (School Library)

Time:    4.30pm

Hawkes Bay

(Manawatu Branch)

Week 2 Term 3 – Thursday 1st August 2019

Lindisfarne College, 600 Pakowhai Rd, Frimley, Hastings 4120

Time:   4.00pm start


(Wellington Branch)

Week 2 Term 3 – Wednesday 31st July 2019

Victoria University of Wellington, Cotton Building (TBC)

Time:   4.00pm for a 4.30pm start (TBC)


(Wellington Branch)

Week 2 – 4 Term 3 – date to be confirmed

Venue and time to be confirmed


(Wellington Branch)

Week 4 Term 3 – Wednesday 14th August 2019

Waimea College, 60 Salisbury Rd, Richmond, 7020 (School Library)

Time:   7.00pm

Canterbury Week 3 Term 3 – Thursday 8th August 2019

Ernest Rutherford Building, University of Canterbury Room 141

Time:   Pizza from 5.30pm                    Quiz 6.00pm – 9.00pm.

Otago/Southland Week 4 Term 3 – Wednesday 14th August 2019

Venue TBC

Time:   TBC

AGTA Quiz 2019

Date: Wednesday 21st August
6:15 pm – 9:00 pm

Clouston Hall, St Cuthbert’s College, 122 Market Rd, Epsom, Auckland

Register to attend here: https://forms.gle/JDjY3hFo8paqf7yQ6

Directions here: https://tinyurl.com/y5exkoyp

Scholarship workshop #2

Date: Wednesday 30th October
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Lecture Title: “Location matters: Globalising economies”.

Lecturer: Nick Lewis

Venue: Engineering Building 1439/401-439, 20 Symonds St

Register here to tell us how many students you are bringing.

*Please note this date may change. We will endeavour to notify of any changes as soon as we know

EOY Course

Date: Friday 29th November
8:30 am – 3:30 pm

Kohia Education Centre, 78 Epsom Ave, Epsom, Auckland 1023.

Registrations for this event will open in the next several weeks.


Thank You word cloud, business concept

Thank-you everyone for all your support and love of geography whilst I have been the chairperson of the AGTA these past few years. I have loved being involved with the AGTA but it is time for someone else to revitalize the team and take the committee and AGTA to new heights. 

I will still attend  AGTA committee meetings just giving others an opportunity to steer it in a different (better) direction).

Please find attached my chairperson’s report for the last year. The very best of wishes for 2019!

AGM report from the Chairperson copy

Congratulations to the new committee and to Aidan Daly, the new chairperson!

Mā te wā

Mary Robinson


Auckland Council Geography Careers Event: You should really bring your students to this event!!!!!

Nathan Heazlewood from the Auckland City Council has put together a really exciting programme for our Year 13 students on March 20th. the speaker list has expanded since my last email to you and includes not only:

Dr. Joseph Kerski who will be talking about the importance of geography

but also

US Consul General Katelyn Choe who will give a talk about the importance of understanding geography for work in international diplomacy.

Sarah Allerton- GIS Consultant at Eagle Technology. Sarah will talk about using GIS in New Zealand’s key primary industries, particularly forestry.


Georgia Edwards – Biology Information Graduate at Auckland Council.

Prajakta Niphadkar – Hydraulic Modeller at Aurecon

Alastair Grimson – Geospatial Specialist at Auckland Council

Nadine Tupp-Budding socio-ecologist at AUT

Sally Be – Senior GIS Analyst in Healthy Waters, Auckland Council

AC_SchoolsEvent Flyer

Joseph and these other speakers will  talk with students on

Wednesday 20th March from 1pm to 3.30pm at Auckland City Council HQ

 – floor 28 – the views are simply spectacular!

 Are you interested in attending? Are your students interested in attending?

We can accommodate up to 50 students for this exciting event.

 Click here to register


“Thank you very much, honestly AGTA has been the greatest help I have found as a geography teacher. Really appreciate the resources and usefulness of the website. Being the only Geo teacher in my region its great connecting with others.”   – Aidan Bonisch, Buller High School

“The resources on the website, the FB posts, the courses you offer and the support you give is excellent. Thank-you” 

“The resources provided are awesome, likewise the workshops that are organized and the exams – absolutely invaluable”. – Laura Edwards, Dilworth

“The resources, exam questions we can use for formative exams, courses, links to interesting information relevant to our subject, scholarship lectures, easy to ask advice and questions are great, and everyone is friendly and approachable” – Justine McIntosh, Long Bay College

Thanks again for the work you do with AGTA. – Colette Budler, Kingsway School

“We had awesome feedback regarding your PD so thank you very much!!!! Hope you were not too tired after traveling the length of the country twice in a day!” – Simon Cushen, King’s High School, Dunedin

“Thanks for hosting me at your school and sharing your resources with me -it’s surprising how similar (and how different) geography teaching and learning is in Australia and NZ.” – Barb Hunt, Adelaide

And why you should join the committee “Coming on to the AGTA has built my confidence in teaching to such a great extent and I feel lucky for being around such knowledgeable, experienced teachers.” – Hannah Wood, Secretary


Hey there

Last year my students did well in terms of achievement and merit endorsement but in all 3 levels failed to reach the “target” for excellence endorsement. So this is an obvious area I would like to develop. My question is does anyone have any strategies that may be of use?



Tropical Cyclones

Does anyone have a level 1 internal assessment i could use for Tropical Cyclones. I have been teaching earthquakes for the last few years and decided it was time for a change. My email address is: gaitken@tearohacollege.school.nz


Grant Aitken – Te Aroha College


How do you start the year at your school?

What things do you do to introduce Geography to your students?

Share your ideas here! We would love to know your thoughts.

I showed my class the map that IKEA are selling  (with no NZ on it) and we discussed whether this was a good thing or not. We had a good discussion.


Also, showed them this

and, we also looked at:

Was quite fun!