Climate change resources

The following website is excellent on climate change – some great powerpoints, videos and worksheets.

There are notes on each country—the effects of climate change and programmes which aim to help people cope with the changes.


Thanks so much to Alice Davidson of St Dominic’s Catholic College for this link.

Dirty Dairying

In light of all the recent discussion on the state of our rivers in NZ this assessment task for Laura Baker (Rutherford College) is on point.

Dairy expansion 3-6

Resource booklet for Dirty dairying




Do you study TD in Hawaii?

Here are some resources and inks that you might find useful.

I also had these links from last year, about the increase of Chinese tourists in Hawaii (for Cultural Processes at level 3),

Article about Chinese tourists in Hawaii (as they are increasing and spend the most )

and this video might be interesting.

Thanks Jacinda (Diocesan)

Muriwai Beach Revision Activities

Thanks to Christine Cato, Mt Albert Grammar and Claire McKay, Rangitoto College for sharing these resources.

I have, Who Has Muriwai   Revision Cards   An oldie but a goodie. Controlled fun as each round gets faster and faster

MURIWAI Revision – MEMORY GAME   Memory Game  –  Surprising how Y13’s still enjoy this!


Muriwai Pictionary

One Minute Word Memory Muriwai and Rotorua




HELP: Level 3 – Event internal – A question.

I have been marking 3.3 and am struggling with part of the standard and would appreciate comment from you (if you have done this standard).

If a student explains in detail and evaluates the planning and decision making involved in the event they would get excellence for this part of the standard.

I see how they need to to indicate the effectiveness (evaluation) of the components of the planning and decision-making however, how essential is it for students to say how the organisation made the decision to do this or that e.g. via Cost Benefit analysis or whatever.

At this stage I have NOT made it essential – my question is – how important is it for Level 3 student to talk about these methods and evaluate them or could a good evaluation of the planning and decision making around say the waste management and catering for the Lantern festival be at Excellence level.

Looking forward to reading your ideas.



3.3 New resources up

Thanks to Otahuhu College and Avondale College for their contributions on the new Level 3 standard (3.3).

Look for their contributions under Curriculum – Level 3…

What resources have you and your department got that you can share with other members of AGTA? We will all get more out of this if we share ideas – no matter how small…

NCEA External Assessment: Grade Score Marking Explained

Wondering how your students work was marked?

In 2012, external assessment for level 1 and 2 was carried out using Grade Score Marking. To coincide with the implementation of the revised achievement standards. All external revised achievement standards have been written with a single outcome to allow aggregation of assessment evidence from across an examination paper.

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If the land and Ocean was reversed?

reversed earth


Could be a fun thing to use with your class – encourage that imagination.

Get them to work out with ideal location to live? Where would people go on holiday? What might the old continents be called – so much fun?

Lots could be done with this.

inverted world


This mapwas made by Vlad Gerasimov, a graphics enthusiast and digital artist who designs and provides wallpapers and other stuff. Look for his website at