Aug 14

Level 1 trip to Great Barrier Reef

Just took another trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Happy to help any one thinking about taking a class there. We go for our 1.3 Sustainable use of an environment.

We use a great company in Cairns 🙂

Contact Eddie Brown through the website here and your requests will be passed on.


Aug 14

This site contains a vast range of dynamic and effective teaching and learning resources suitable for geography students aged 11 – 18 years old.  

Useful for IB courses and for all sorts of fun activities and teaching ideas.


Thanks Sarah from Timaru Girls for sharing this website with us.


Aug 12

Virtual Field trips

Here are some Virtual Field trips you might be interested in doing with your students.

  1. Finding Resilience – the technology behind locating and responding to natural hazards
    • GPS, GIS, the GIS hazard resource for schools
    • 29 – 31 Aug
    • Wellington
  2. Love your rubbish – waste, or valuable resource?
    • Landfills vs ?
    • 12 – 14 Sep
    • Kate Valley
  3. What`s the plan, Stan? – getting ready for an emergency
    • how people participate individually and collectively in response to community challenges
    • 17 – 19 Oct
    • Christchurch (but TBC)
  4. Life at the Boundary – investigating natural hazards
    • AS91007 and AS91426?
    • 31 Oct – 2 Nov
    • Hawkes Bay

Teachers can enrol in any of these trips here.

Jul 24

Welcome to Term 3!

Term 3 is here and it will be a busy one for all.

See you at the quiz (August 8th); Marking workshop (August 23rd) or at the Scholarship workshop (13 September).

Don’t forget that the AGTA practice exams are available to use by all member schools.

You will need to be logged in to access these exams for later this term. Saves you time (which I know we all like) and you can be sure that students haven’t seen them (so reliable).
All levels and all standards available including scholarship.


Jul 19

Book request

Hi there;

Is there anyone out there who has a surlpus of, or no longer requires the text book:

Natural Landscapes: Level 7 – Geography

By (author) J. Mark Hensman

Should there be I would be grateful if you could get in touch.


Andy Jones WBHS