Mar 16

1.6 Contemporary Issue


We are currently trying to decide what issue to look at with our students. If you could suggest something fun and exciting that would be awesome as we have not used this standard for a while.


Mar 02

New committee for 2014 – see who they are here.

AGTA Committee 2014 contact details
Chairperson: Mary Robinson,
Secretary: Jade Thomas,
Treasurer: Claire McKay,
 Sarah Bryson, Jean McCann, Jane Evans, Amy Dennis, Lizzy Knight, Jane Foster, Graeme Cope; Jade Thomas; Steve Mouldey; Sarah Kemble: Hattie de Vries
 BOGT Rep: TBC;   Teacher training: Jane Butcher & Phil Hornblow: University Liaison: TBC
Mar 02

AGTA Subscription 2014

Join AGTA this year.

The objectives of the AGTA are:

1. To promote, encourage and advance the teaching of and research into Geography.

2. To represent and protect its members’ interests.

3. To produce and disseminate materials.

4. To liaise with other related groups and associations as well as with professional organisations of teachers of Geography.


Jan 24

Have a wonderful year teaching Geography



We are looking forward to another great year of geography  – teaching and learning in classrooms up and down the country.

Maybe a wonderful starter lesson for the year – thanks Jacinda (at AGGS) for this link.

27 Incredible Views You’d Only See If You Were A Bird





Jan 14

How about some geography stories from the summer to discuss with your students…

Here are a few that come to mind:

Snow storms in USA


Rescue of scientists in Antarctica


Heat wave in Australia

temp across australia


China eases the one child policy

Hobbit returns to the big screen

Japan’s new island grows


Climate change in New York

Rainforest warriors