Useful Websites

From TKI

Level 3 resources – TKI

Level 2 resources – TKI

Level 1 resources – TKI


National Geographic

Global resources for teachers.

The Geography Site

Geography resources for teachers and students.


A geography portal for teachers and students.

Google Earth

The world in 3D.



Teaching resources on water and the atmosphere.


Companies with resources for sale

AGTA do not endorse these products and any purchases made from these companies must be and should be adapted/changed or modified to suit your school

Classroom Solutions – sells a range of different internal assessment resources

Geostuff – a company selling a range of different internal assessment resources as well as practice external examinations and other things geographical

Tirine Publishing – sells posters – geographical concepts and other geographical themes

Geographical Societies

NZ Geographical Society – The New Zealand Geographical Societies aim is to promote and stimulate the study of Geography within New Zealand. It publishes academic papers on aspects of the physical, human and environmental geographies, and landscapes, of its region; commentaries and debates; discussions of educational questions and scholarship of concern to geographers; short interventions and assessments of topical matters of interest to university and high school teachers; and book reviews.

Board of Geography Teachers (NZBoGT) – The Board of Geography Teachers is a subcommittee of the New Zealand Geographical Society (NZGS). Its functions are to represent and support quality teaching and learning of geography in New Zealand secondary schools. The Board is made up of a Chairperson, 6 regional representatives and two members representing Pre-Service Teacher Education and Tertiary Geography.

Geographical Association (UK) – The Geographical Association (GA) is a subject association with the core charitable object of furthering geographical knowledge and understanding through education. It is a lively community of practice with over a century of innovation behind it and an unrivalled understanding of geography teaching. The GA was formed by five geographers in 1893 to share ideas and learn from each other. Today, the GA’s purpose is the same and it remains an independent association.

Australian Geography Teachers Association

Geography Teachers’ Association of Queensland

Geography Teachers’ Association of New South Wales

Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria

Geography Teachers’ Association of South Australia

Geographical Association of Western Australia



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