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We have some field work equipment to lend to members. And we are thinking about buying some more – what would you like to borrow/have available for your students to use for research?

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  1. Maybe clipboards, tape measures, clinometers, activity sheets on how to use the equipment, fold away measuring sticks (3m or so), weather station, stream flow meters, stop watches, counters (for pedestrian/car counts) metre rules, portable whiteboards, anemometers and field work books could be useful.
    Could this all be packed up in a bag and sent to schools via courier a week before it was required so students could try it in the classroom/school grounds?

    • Other suggestions include:

      50m measuring tapes
      weather station
      walkie talkies

      • Currently we have:

        1 tropical cyclone game (its just on cardboard so limited life span)
        5 tape measures – some looking a bit rusty
        8 stereo viewers
        5 wind meters
        7 compases
        2 windwatches
        10horizon levels (in leather cases)
        9 abney level (8 of which are in leather cases)

        • Hi Mary,

          Could I please ‘order’ 4 windmeters, 4 compasses and the 2 windwatches for use in week 11 term 1 (week beginning 7 April).

          Have we purchased any other weather measurement instruments?

          Neil Johnson/David Kennedy
          Waiheke HS.

  2. I have just purchased a Stream flowmeter from UK (unfortunately through a rather unreliable middle company based in Wellington-referral from our science technicians).
    The flow meter arrived 6 months after ordering and missed both my rivers fieldtrips. However, it is “beautiful” and the website of the company direct is if equipment needs to be sourced outside NZ. The information pack given with the equipment is certainly helping my L3 evaluate their use of an orange!!! Ordering direct would be an easy option.
    Kristin School

  3. AGTA – Geo equipment
    Things south Auckland schools would like to have access to (from a discussion at the last Cluster meeting)
    – Wind meters
    – Clinometers
    – Abney levels
    – Measuring tapes
    – Measuring poles (broom poles)
    – Clip boards
    – Compasses
    – Meter rules
    – Scales
    – Weather meter
    – River flow meter
    – Stop watches
    – Laminated how to sheets

  4. I’ve just taken a group of y13s away to Tongariro. There were not conducting any formal research so we thought outside the box and used apps on our phones to conduct research. We found (free) “get altitude”, “smart protractor” (works as a clinometer) and “smart measure” which measured tree heights. The boys loved that they could use their phones to do field work and it saved me having to buy expensive field equipment.

  5. Just completed some urban fieldwork in the city. My class discovered a great little app for their phones, which saved them manually tallying pedestrians etc.
    Its counter+ – free for all makes of phone.

  6. Hi

    I need to buy field equipment but am struggling to find a good / reasonably priced site to buy it from. The ‘geopack’ site is really good but does anyone know of a NZ based site where I could buy clinometers, anoemeters, compasses etc from?

  7. Hello,
    I know this is an old post but I don’t really know where to look to purchase some field equipment (grain/sediment size charts etc). Any suggestions?

  8. Hi
    My class is doing a research on temperature variations. We needed equipment to measure

    wind direction
    wind speed
    clip boards

    Saras (for Bessie)

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