Why you should join the AGTA:

The purpose of the AGTA is:

1. To promote, encourage and advance the teaching of and research into Geography.

2. To represent and protect its members’ interests.

3. To produce and disseminate materials.

4. To liaise with other related groups and associations as well as with professional organisations of teachers of Geography.

Joining the AGTA means you can:

* access shared resources contributed by other teachers in the region – there are assessments, activities, games, posters all available for AGTA members

* participate in events run by the AGTA eg professional learning courses, competitions for your students, access to talks for Scholarship students and so much more

* receive up to date information on news from NZQA re geography issues – examinations, internal assessments, moderators etc

* belong to a professional organisation of interesting and fun geography teachers across the Auckland region and throughout New Zealand

* gain advice from other geography teachers

* have an opportunity to talk with others about teaching and learning

* Use of AGTA equipment (free of charge)

* Invitation to professional development cluster meetings

NB:  Becoming an individual member DOES NOT qualify your school as a member.

We hope that belonging to the AGTA will solve those problems  you have due to geographic isolation or some other reason. Please do remember that the AGTA  is a voluntary non-profit organisation that relies on subscriptions  to run courses and offer geographical opportunities for students throughout the year.

The committee consists of hard working teachers who have willingly given up some of their time to help promote the subject. None of us are “experts”, we are teachers just like you, our success therefore depends on the efforts of members suggesting needs for courses, offering resources and letting us know of useful links we can share.

Email us to get information on joining the Auckland Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) –

Register to join AGTA HERE – Invoices will follow



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  1. Hi

    I don’t seem to have access to any of the resources on your page. I have registered, and I thought we had joined AGTA but could you please confirm.

    Tracy Munro
    Otago Girls’ High School

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