Have you ever combined classes – what strategies have you used?

Hi Geographers – I am looking at writing a ‘help’ sheet for teachers who face the issue of teaching a combined class (ie 2 or 3 levels at the same time) as I am aware this is becoming an increasingly common problem we face in our subject. I would welcome any comments from those of you who have already faced this with both solutions and problems you have encountered.

Please do e mail me at J.Evans@tgs.school.nz.

Bevan Hunter Never had to deal with this nor would I want to. The only logical way I can think of should I be fed to the wolves,is to become a wolf. Have 2 years of ‘settings’ per standard. For example if the class was Year 12/13, then the .1 would be rotated between Tongariro and South Island, and then have 2 settings for .5, .6, .7. Obviously then the only tweak is the Level 3 involves more depth etc etc. Keen to hear how others do it.

Kat Jordan-McGrath Yes agreed, a cycle of topics is best. Easy for internals. Also depends on your students tho. If they aren’t too needy and have done geo before they can work independently on booklets, slideshows etc for externals for 2 periods per week each half of the class. And or they all do their internals that way and you just help out. Getting student teachers if extremely helpful too! 2 teachers, 2 levels – so good!


Let Jane know if you have further ideas.

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  1. Yes, I have a combined class (Y12&13), and I like the students to have some agency as the small classes mean that some prefer cultural vs physical geography and I do let them choose the 3.1 or 3.2. This makes a cycle of topics a little harder. I recap the skills together but then diverge off into separate areas. Some classes are operated 50:50, others students are set to work to keep them chugging away whilst the others are addressed. Sending Y13s to a separate space is good if they are the group working on an internal. It is damn hard as it involves two very content heavy subjects and one can be jumping from describing Amazon’s rainforest to Queenstown’s allocentric tourists and back in the space of a minute! If you can avoid it – do so.

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