Level 1 Population Query

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At the start of the examination it says ” In the box below, name a population case study (studies) that you will use to answer ALL the questions”
A discussion colleagues and I are having does it mean:
You select and only use one example throughout the paper?
If you have studied more than one example e.g. NZ and India, could you use NZ as your example in two of the 3 questions, and in the third India?
Can you use both examples to assist in any of your answers?
Currently, we play safe and say only use one throughout.
Does anyone know which of the 3 complies with the needs set?

4 thoughts on “Level 1 Population Query

  1. It seems to me that the statement “name a population case study (studies)” means it can be one or more case studies, so in the box, the student could write New Zealand and India, and then use either or both in the answers.

  2. My students have used NZ for some questions and India for another. There has never been a problem with this.

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