Colour blindness

At our recent AGM the issue of students being colour blind was discussed and the impacts that this has on students in exam situations.

Sally Brodie from Botany Downs Secondary College had this to say.

Regarding colour blind students and the resource booklets, in particular:

  • We ask students early in the year to let us know they are colour blind – discretely
  • They need a doctors certificate to prove this: NZQA said this was needed, not us.
  • I talk to the NZQA liaison person at school  and they contact NZQA to check that they will let us do
  • I and the liaison person at school talk to our wonderful Art/photography teacher who can turn the coloured booklet into a grey scale booklet.  We do a test run with the student to see which part of the grey spectrum is best for them
  • On the day of the exam the NZQA liaison person at school rings a specified person at NZQA at a given time who emails a copy of the resource booklet to us an hour earlier than the exam and under tight security it is opened in photo shop or some such programme and then printed off in colour on the best printer at the highest quality and also in the greyscale previously sorted out. Student gets both plus one in their exam pack.
  • NZQA won’t do any of this for us. We have asked.

Thanks so much for this information Sally!

See the information regarding this and other Special Assessment Conditions from NZQA



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