Upcoming Social Science LEARNZ Virtual Field Trips

1.      Canterbury Earthquakes – more lessons for New Zealand 9-11 April (more)

In preparation for this field trip you will learn about

·         the earth’s crust and plate tectonics

·         why and how earthquakes occur

·         New Zealand and Canterbury’s vulnerability to earthquakes

·         what was special about the sequence of Canterbury earthquakes; the Greendale and Port Hills faults

·         preparing for natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslips and tsunamis

·         New Zealand’s Earthquake Commission (EQC)

·         natural hazard preparedness and emergency plans

During the field trip you will

·         find out what’s happening 2 years on from the main Canterbury earthquakes

·         meet engineers, scientists and people involved in trying to understand natural hazards and how we cope with them

·         visit places where earthquakes ripped the land apart and talk to people who experienced the shaking and destruction

·         explore how buildings reacted to the earthquakes and what we have learnt about building design

·         discover people’s responses to the earthquakes at school and at home and what we have learnt about being earthquake prepared

·         design a model to cope with natural hazard risks

·         explore the risks of natural hazards and find ways to plan for them

2.      Geospatial – the use of skills, tools and data by people in Canterbury 28-30 May (more)

In preparation for this field trip you will learn about

·         where things are located, and how we find them

·         how geospatial data is continuing to be used for the Christchurch rebuild

·         how accurate height data is collected

·         making/using hydrographic charts

·         how earthquakes have changed where things are including heights of the land and seabed

·         how GPS and GIS are used

·         use of geospatial skills by iwi in today’s world (TBC)

During the field trip you will

·         discover how the local council is using geospatial data and tools in the rebuild of Christchurch city

·         discover how information about the location of invisible things like water pipes, electricity, land ownership and boundaries is a key to making progress on the rebuild

·         travel to Lyttelton harbour to see how the recent earthquakes affected the local tide gauge and changed the sea bed, and discover what that means for navigating ships around our coast line

·         board a sea going vessel and see how the captain knows where to go, safely!

·         discover future career pathways for geography

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