Assessment Specifications for exams 2014 are up

NZQA posted these the other day – some changes and things to note:

  1. All examinations are now up on the site so if you missed them or your school did not do one and you are wondering what it is like have a look. Do note that only some resources of the Resource booklets are available due to copyright. You can still access the full version by having access to your schools NCEA number (see your NZQA liaison person for this).
  2. The Profile of Expected Performance or PEP’s for every external standard is up on line. This sets the guidelines for markers of what they expect it to fall into. It does not HAVE to match this but if it does not then reasons have to be provided. It is interesting to compare standards and see which ones generate the better marks!
  3. Assessment Specifications for 2014 are now up. While a lot of this is very general there are a few hints to be had such as:

Level 1 – It states that candidates can use ONE case study for ENE if they want, but candidates must refer to how the ENE affects different parts of the environment.  The Maori concept of Taonga will be assessed in the skills and this will be NZ based.

Level 2 – This is all very general. The skills will also be NZ based and each standard makes reference to Maori concepts as well as key concepts.

Level 3 – States that this years format of one question will be continued and that the will be written based with maps /diagrams to support it. Skills also will be NZ based!

Scholarship – The biggest change of all! For the first time we are to be given the topic (Urbanization, urban settlements and urban growth) so students can do some background reading.