People and the planet – 2013 Rutherford Memorial Lecture

2013 Rutherford Memorial Lecturer: Sir John Sulston FRS

  People and the planet

How can we all live and flourish on a finite Earth?

Auckland | 6pm Tuesday 8 October | Auckland Museum | Buy tickets

Wellington | 6pm Wednesday 9 October | Te Whare Apārangi | Buy tickets

Dunedin | 7pm Thursday 10 October | St David Lecture Theatre | Buy tickets

The impact of the growing human population, and the increasing consumption of resources by the richer countries, is bringing us to the limits of what the Earth can sustain. Choices made now – ethical, legal, social, and scientific – will determine the future of humanity. Shall we choose to flourish or merely survive?

Sir John Sulston FRS was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2002. From 2010 to 2012, he led the Royal Society of London’s international working group People and the Planet, studying the links between global population and consumption and the implications for a finite planet.


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