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Last year my students did well in terms of achievement and merit endorsement but in all 3 levels failed to reach the “target” for excellence endorsement. So this is an obvious area I would like to develop. My question is does anyone have any strategies that may be of use?



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  1. HI there Adam

    I think this is an area many teachers want to work on – what would be helpful do you think?

    We ran a course a few years ago on writing for excellence and I did some work with teachers in Hawkes Bay and Dunedin on this topic last year – here is the link to the workshop powerpoint.

    Essentially we looked at the following things: students really understanding command words via the use of the road maps (see the presentation); keeping things relevant to the students in your classroom (whoever they are); scaffolding students in to essay writing (as this is often what prevents students from getting excellences); giving students others work to critique and mark as well as providing exemplars; providing lots of feedback; not giving students grades on formative assessments but instead highlighting two good things and two things to improve and lastly letting students see you fail and get back up again to do it all again.

    Hope somewhat helpful
    Mary Robinson

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