Mock examinations are up!

The “mock” examinations have been uploaded here this morning.

Please do check through the examinations yourselves (and the schedules) – they have been moderated by AGTA committee members but it is important you do this as well. 

With regard to the skills examinations and the scholarship exam:

  1. The Level 1 examination uses the 2012 Resource booklet on Sydney.
  2. The Level 2 and 3 examination are new resource booklets – they are presented here in a pdf version only.
  3. The scholarship examination uses the 2011 Resource booklet alongside a supplementary booklet. 

Not a member of AGTA but want to use these mock exams – well, contact us at

Term 3

Have a fantastic term 3.

I hope that you have all had an excellent holiday and that you are coming back to Term 3 refreshed and ready for one of the busiest terms. 

I know it’s going to be a busy one for you, and for some quite stressful (pay round and all) so we are here to make life easier for everyone.


Firstly, we will have our examinations available to you all at the start of next week so that will take the pressure off. Tere are examinations (and relevant marking schedules) for all levels and all standards – excellent as students won’t have seen these before the “mocks”. I will email you when they are up on the website – probably at the start of Week 2. Yay!


Our last workshop will be held on the Wednesday 29 August at 4.30pm in HSB 1 at the University of Auckland. This session will focus on physical geography and should be an interesting one. I’ll get to register for this in a few weeks time.

Option Evenings

Most of us will be starting to encourage our Year 10s to do Geography right about now – there are lots of ideas on the website to use/adapt and make our own, so as students choose Geography.

I know at my school we have a Geography unit that we do with the year 10 Social Studies classes which are focussed on Geography in particular. This year we are looking at Climate change – why is it happening, where is it happening and who is it happening to? I teach at a girls school so we are focussing on the impacts that climate change will have on women and girls across the globe. Other potential topics could include food shortages (kids would love this as it could culminate in a food day – I envisage cake competitions, food from across the world and so on ;).  What might you do? 

If you have any ideas could you share them with me and I can put them up on the website. Thanks in advance.

Quiz for year 12/13s 

Some of you have already registered your year 12s and 13s for the annual AGTA quiz on Wednesday 8 August. 

This is to be held at Clouston Hall, St Cuthbert’s College. The invoice for your accounts department is here.

AGTA Quiz Flyer 2018

Register your team here please by Wednesday 1 August  

New resources

There have been some great resources added to the website – check them out and thanks so much to the contributors  – there is one on Seabed Mining at Patea and another on a proposal for a new housing development at Ōtuataua Stonfields in Auckland.

Please share your ideas with us also.

Heads up

We will be holding our end of year course on Friday 30 November – the date is confirmed and the details will be sent through later this term.