1080 ideas

Found these Youtube clips for 1080 that got my students started;

1080 resources
What is 1080 poison?
1080 Science: How and why 1080 poison is used in New Zealand   this one has a useful part that links with the ideas changing over time need

What DOC doesn’t want you to know


L2 new format for 2016

Hi – As the L2 papers are changing quite significantly this year, I was wondering whether there would be a sample paper published so that we could get an idea of how the question (!) might be set out

HI Chris

Here is the link to the NZQA website with the sample activities.





Urban Patterns 2.2 at MOTAT!

MOTAT is currently offering a programme targeted at the Geography 2.2 Urban Patterns Standard.


The programme looks at how the population of Auckland has grown and spread from the settling of early pioneers, through to the golden age of the 1950s. The way that public transport has shaped our major roads and suburbs and how the World Wars and the post war boom impacted Auckland’s population are also discussed. With the Victorian Village and 1950s exhibition I Am The Last Tram, MOTAT is a great place to research this topic, and students are able to obtain information from a variety of different sources.

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