level 2 externals

Can anyone tell me how the one question with multiple parts will be marked? Does the student have to get all ‘parts of the question” at a certain achievement level or will they be marked holistically? Does the previous N1- E 8 apply for “parts ” of a question ?

Level 2 Large Natural Environment Examination

I am not happy with the Level 2 Large Natural Environment Examination. I do not feel that the question can be fairly applied to all ‘chosen’ large natural environments. The requirement to fully explain changes over three named periods is, in my opinion, unreasonable. If a chosen environment was a desert or river valley, as suggested by the Achievement Standard, or an environment on a continental scale, like the tundra region or sub-tropical deserts – how could a student provide three named periods of change? Change over time is a requirement of the Achievement Standard. Specific change over three named time periods is not. The question clearly advantaged students who had significant landforms as part of their chosen large natural environment. The question also favours students who rote learn, which was something I was under the impression we were trying to move away from. In addition, the requirement to draw three diagrams was too time consuming and disadvantages students who can’t draw well. One diagram is a reasonable expectation, three is not.
Do other Level 2 Geography teachers share my concern?
Roger Groenink