L1 CGI: Kauri or Tourism Dieback


I have adapted an assessment from TKI for the L1 CGI. It is based on the Kauri dieback problem.

The issue is whether the Waipoua forest should be closed or not.

The local area has few job opportunities and relies heavily on tourism.

Feel free to use and adapt. I also would welcome feedback.


Waihi Mine a/s


Does anyone have an assessment for NCEA Level One for Waihi Gold Mine that you would be able to share with me?

I was wondering what websites people use too.






Stop Disasters Game

This website has games for each type of extreme natural event(from wildfires to earthquakes).  It is a bit like the computer game civilisation/settlers.  You have certain things you need to build, you can also protect your city/area by adding warning systems and building schools/community centres to provide education, you can make your current buildings more resistant to your ENE by upgrading them, or remove at risk buildings.  And of course you only have a certain budget to make changes with…….


THanks Heather Roberts (SCC) for sharing this website with us all.

Level 1 trip to Great Barrier Reef

Just took another trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Happy to help any one thinking about taking a class there. We go for our 1.3 Sustainable use of an environment.

We use a great company in Cairns 🙂

Contact Eddie Brown through the website here and your requests will be passed on.