Tēnā koe everyone,

Since our last campaign email, and after taking on feedback from our members, AGTA have made the decision to change the venue of this year’s Annual General Meeting. The date for the AGM remains the same.

We hope that the new location at Marist College will make travelling to the AGM easier and might encourage you to attend – we would really love to see you there!

Register your interest to attend here

Directions to car parking and access to the venue at Marist College can be found here. Please note that access to the venue for our AGM is via Gate B (Staff Carpark) on Kitenui Avenue and NOT through the main entrance to Marist College on Alberton Ave.

We at the AGTA need your help. During the year, we work hard to provide you with quality resources, support and engaging workshops and competitions for your students. We do this because we want to support you to be the best Geography educators you can be.

Once a year we hold our Annual General Meeting and this year, we really need you to attend. Coming to our AGM is a great opportunity for you to have your voice heard, network with colleagues from other schools, as well as see what the plans are for AGTA to support you and other teachers during the year.

In order to successfully hold an AGM, we must have at least 15 schools in attendance – right now we are a long way from that number. If we don’t get enough members attending, we have to organise to hold our AGM again, which means delays to you being able to sort your membership (and access to the website and resources).

Will you do your part to help the AGTA and attend this year’s AGM?

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We try to keep our AGMs nice and short and this year should be no different. However, we do want to make one constitutional amendment and to do that, we need at least 15 schools in attendance.

Here’s the constitutional amendment the committee wish to raise:

Welcome back everyone for another exciting year of Geography teaching.

After a decent summer break, AGTA are back and rearing to get on with the important job of supporting Geography teachers to excel in the classroom. As always, we will be sharing with you relevant links, useful resources you can implement in your teaching, along with professional development, practice exams, support and advice.



Thank You word cloud, business concept

Thank-you everyone for all your support and love of geography whilst I have been the chairperson of the AGTA these past few years. I have loved being involved with the AGTA but it is time for someone else to revitalize the team and take the committee and AGTA to new heights. 

I will still attend  AGTA committee meetings just giving others an opportunity to steer it in a different (better) direction).

Please find attached my chairperson’s report for the last year. The very best of wishes for 2019!

AGM report from the Chairperson copy

Congratulations to the new committee and to Aidan Daly, the new chairperson!

Mā te wā

Mary Robinson



“Thank you very much, honestly AGTA has been the greatest help I have found as a geography teacher. Really appreciate the resources and usefulness of the website. Being the only Geo teacher in my region its great connecting with others.”   – Aidan Bonisch, Buller High School

“The resources on the website, the FB posts, the courses you offer and the support you give is excellent. Thank-you” 

“The resources provided are awesome, likewise the workshops that are organized and the exams – absolutely invaluable”. – Laura Edwards, Dilworth

“The resources, exam questions we can use for formative exams, courses, links to interesting information relevant to our subject, scholarship lectures, easy to ask advice and questions are great, and everyone is friendly and approachable” – Justine McIntosh, Long Bay College

Thanks again for the work you do with AGTA. – Colette Budler, Kingsway School

“We had awesome feedback regarding your PD so thank you very much!!!! Hope you were not too tired after traveling the length of the country twice in a day!” – Simon Cushen, King’s High School, Dunedin

“Thanks for hosting me at your school and sharing your resources with me -it’s surprising how similar (and how different) geography teaching and learning is in Australia and NZ.” – Barb Hunt, Adelaide

And why you should join the committee “Coming on to the AGTA has built my confidence in teaching to such a great extent and I feel lucky for being around such knowledgeable, experienced teachers.” – Hannah Wood, Secretary

Tropical Cyclones

Does anyone have a level 1 internal assessment i could use for Tropical Cyclones. I have been teaching earthquakes for the last few years and decided it was time for a change. My email address is: gaitken@tearohacollege.school.nz


Grant Aitken – Te Aroha College


How do you start the year at your school?

What things do you do to introduce Geography to your students?

Share your ideas here! We would love to know your thoughts.

I showed my class the map that IKEA are selling  (with no NZ on it) and we discussed whether this was a good thing or not. We had a good discussion.


Also, showed them this

and, we also looked at:

Was quite fun!