Jun 11

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The spread of people accessing our website is growing – I wonder how long before we reach the Middle East; Central Africa and Central America.

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Jun 10

Attention Budding Cartographers

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Google Earth/Maps. Here is your chance. Google is offering free online classes later this month. Starting June 10 and running through June 24, Google will be offering free, online, self-paced courses on its mapping products Google Earth, Google Maps, and Maps Engine Lite. You will even have the opportunity to do Google Hangouts with experts in these applications. These courses are designed for those seeking a better understanding about how to get more out of these products. I hope that some young person out there will be spurred into a career in Cartography/Geography/GIS by taking these courses.

To register go to https://mapping.withgoogle.com/

Jun 09

The importance of field work and field trips in Geography

Why do fieldwork ?

For decades, fieldtrips (whether local, residential or international) have been an integral part of the geography for students in  secondary schools. Over the years, increasing pressure has been placed on teachers to vary or reduce the experiences they are able to offer students.

Increasing administration and risk assessment, which is of course of paramount importance, have added to the time pressures in an increasingly congested and competitive curriculum, and to this have now been added budgetary constraints and other requirements.

Despite this, and further internal school priorities, fieldwork in geography must not become a casualty. It is a vital and valuable component of the compulsory phase of every student’s Geography experience.

Read the article from the GA_FieldworkEntitlementGuidancev2

Jun 09

Urban Patterns 2.2 at MOTAT!

MOTAT is currently offering a programme targeted at the Geography 2.2 Urban Patterns Standard.


The programme looks at how the population of Auckland has grown and spread from the settling of early pioneers, through to the golden age of the 1950s. The way that public transport has shaped our major roads and suburbs and how the World Wars and the post war boom impacted Auckland’s population are also discussed. With the Victorian Village and 1950s exhibition I Am The Last Tram, MOTAT is a great place to research this topic, and students are able to obtain information from a variety of different sources.

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May 28

Geography Scholarship Workshop “Is New Zealand’s tourism sustainable?”

This workshop is for Geography Scholarship Students

Students must be accompanied by a teacher

 Theme: “Is New Zealand’s tourism industry sustainable?”

Hosted by AGTA, School of Environment and NZGS

June 12, 2013

4.00pm – 6.00pm

HSB 1 Lecture Theatre

(Next to the School of Environment)

RSVP to Jane Foster – for resource production


Carparking available : Business School (Grafton Rd), Alten Rd

May 21

Overseas Trips for Geography Levels 2 or 3 anyone got some new ideas?

Hi All,

I was wondering where other than Hawaii, Gold Coast, Tanzania, Amazon where do people take their Geography and possibly History students for a social sciences field trip? Our department are looking at taking students aboard but may need to encompass some history as well? I was thinking the U.S.A with Tourism 3.2, 3.3 or 3.6 standards any suggestions?  Cheer Steph.

May 08

Geospatial – the use of skills, tools and data by people in Canterbury – 28-30 May 2013

Geospatial – the use of skills, tools and data by people in Canterbury 28-30 May 2013

Upcoming Social Science LEARNZ Virtual Field Trip: Gizmos and gadgets that make us better understand our world! This trip fits really well with big ideas like planet earth, land use, where I live, finding my way, my property, and urban redesign. More info here. Check out last year’s trip if you need convincing and enrol! Supports Social Studies Levels 3-5, Geography Levels 6-8 especially AS91014 1.8 Apply spatial analysis, with direction, to solve a geographic problem. It’s free.