Apr 15

Look where we have had visitors from…

The map below shows all the places where visitors to our website have come from.

We have had 3738 individuals (no repeat visitors) which is awesome. I wonder whether we could use this in our teaching – discussing the ideas of lack of technology; lack of interest and so on.

The average visitor stays 4 minutes and members of AGTA stay longer.

Visitors have ocme from all these places

Mar 25

Scholarship resources

For those of you who are doing scholarship geography this year – Anna Wilson at Wellington East Girl’s has set up a google doc for teachers to upload and use resources connected to this years theme around urbanization. Do take advantage of this as it is a great way for the geography community to come together and share rather than us all reinventing the wheel!


Thanks Anna for doing this for us all.



Mar 25

Join AGTA in 2014



Register your school or yourself here for information in 2014 and access to the website. Access to the website will be closed to non-financial members from the last day of term 1.

New members will get access to the website as payment is confirmed.

2014 MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION AGTA – Word document for your accounts department.

Email us for further information or to send through ideas, resources, activities and information. agtassociation@gmail.com





Mar 16

1.6 Contemporary Issue


We are currently trying to decide what issue to look at with our students. If you could suggest something fun and exciting that would be awesome as we have not used this standard for a while.


Mar 02

New committee for 2014 – see who they are here.

AGTA Committee 2014 contact details
Chairperson: Mary Robinson, agtassociation@gmail.com
Secretary: Jade Thomas, agtassociation@gmail.com
Treasurer: Claire McKay, agtassociation@gmail.com
 Sarah Bryson, Jean McCann, Jane Evans, Amy Dennis, Lizzy Knight, Jane Foster, Graeme Cope; Jade Thomas; Steve Mouldey; Sarah Kemble: Hattie de Vries
 BOGT Rep: TBC;   Teacher training: Jane Butcher & Phil Hornblow: University Liaison: TBC