Dec 04

Assessment specifications for 2019 are up on NZQA website


Level 1


Level 2

Note: Candidates are expected to be familiar with the Human Development Index (HDI).


Level 3


Scholarship Geography

In 2019, the examination questions and resource booklet will focus on the significance of geographic location in a global context.

Any idea what this might look like?



Dec 03

Resources that may be useful from Jean McCann

Coral Reefs

Flyer The global topic of Tropical Coral Reefs


Fold Mountains

Flyer for Global topic of Fold Mountains


The on-going deterioration and future sustainability of the Great Barrier Reef

Flyer for AS 91431 Issue of the sustainability of the Great Barrier Reef


The Issue: The Hauraki Gulf – an ecosystem under pressure

Flyer on L3 Issue on the Hauraki Gulf