2019 AGTA Year 12 & 13 Quiz

Congratulations to this year’s winners, Mt Albert Grammar. Coming in close behind with second were Takapuna Grammar and Lynfield College in third.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this event, including all teachers who gave up their time to coach teams and be there on the night as well as the AGTA Committee for organising superb questions!

1st Place winners, Mount Albert Grammar. From left: Ben Bachelor-Cook, Freeman McCall, Samantha Persson & Aidan Skinner. 

2nd Place: Takapuna Grammar. From left: Silas Cole, Ollie Arthur-Hunt, Alex Blair & Joseph Kershan                                                    3rd Place: Lynfield College.   From left:   Ishaan Bhide, Shayan Rezakhan-Kermani, Krish Lal & Zoe Armstrong

Exciting learning opportunity – GIS and drones!

Want to explore GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and UAVs (drones) at our free camps?


In October, Dr Cadey Korson and Dr John Lowry from the Geography programme, Dr Kristin Stock from Information Technology and Matt Irwin from Agriculture and Environment, will host two four-day GIS and UAV (drone) camps for Year 9-12 students at Massey University’s Albany campus. The camp will introduce students to the principles of, and careers in, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Unpersoned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). GIS is a digital database that contains, catalogues, analyses and presents geographic information as a series of digital map layers.

GIS career opportunities are growing by 30% each year in digital sciences, planning and policy, engineering, education, communication, environmental management, public health and law. This camp combines technical and hands-on activities. Massey University is partnering with local agencies and businesses to ensure lots of fun and informative experiences for you. Find out how science and technology affect your life through field trips and other activities. No prior GIS or UAV experience is required. The camps are free. Transportation to and from the Albany campus and snacks will be provided (lunch is not provided). However, students may be responsible for their own transportation to and from a centralised pick-up point.
Year 9/10 Camp dates: 30 September – 3 October 2019 (tentatively 9:30-4pm)
Year 11/12 Camp dates: 7 – 10 October 2019 (tentatively 9:30-4pm)
How to register: Spaces are limited, so registration will be competitive. Interested students, who live in the Auckland area, should submit a brief 200-250 word letter of interest or a 2-3 minute video describing themselves and why they want to participate in the camps. Students should submit their letter or video via the following link and complete the associated form. Students in Year 10 and 11 will be given priority, but all applications will be considered. The registration deadline is 15 August 2019. The registration form can be found at https://masseyuni.wufoo.com/forms/gis-and-uav-drone-y10-y11-camps/
Registration will close on 15 August and students will be notified via email regarding their acceptance within three weeks by Dr Cadey Korson. Any questions should be directed to Dr Korson at C.Korson@massey.ac.nz or via phone on (09) 213 6475.

Cluster meetings starting this week

Update to Eastern Cluster Meeting: Now on Wednesday 18th September

East Auckland Cluster Meeting: Selwyn College, Wednesday 18th September, 4.30pm
North Shore Cluster Meeting: Rangitoto College, Wednesday 31st July, 4.30pm
West Auckland Cluster Meeting: Hobsonville Point Secondary, Monday 5th August, 4.30pm
Central Auckland Cluster Meeting: St Cuthbert’s College, Thursday 8th August, 4.30pm

We at the AGTA hope you have enjoyed a well-deserved break, whether it involved jetting abroad for a break or setting up camp in front of the tv with a glass of wine.

This term is a busy one for the teaching calendar and also for AGTA events! See below for a list of all that is coming up over this term. We have recently added a calendar to our front page which lists upcoming events. Click on the date of an event and you will be taken to a page with more details about this event, as well as directions on how to get there.

Practice exams are now live and available for members to use. You can find these under the header “Exams”. Let us know if you found them useful – we love getting feedback from our members.

Upcoming events:

 EOY Course

Date: Friday 29th November
8:30 am – 3:30 pm

Kohia Education Centre, 78 Epsom Ave, Epsom, Auckland 1023.

Registrations for this event will open in the next several weeks.