Nov 04

Senior students are now out for exam leave.

Guess your seniors are out for exam leave.

Exams are on:

Cambridge A level: Friday 10 November pm

IB Geography: Next week – Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th

Scholarship geography: Tuesday 14 November 9.30am

Level 2 Geography: Wednesday 15 November 2pm

Level 3 Geography: Wednesday 22 November 2pm

Level 1 Geography: Thursday 23 November 9.30am


Sep 17

Stop Disasters Game

This website has games for each type of extreme natural event(from wildfires to earthquakes).  It is a bit like the computer game civilisation/settlers.  You have certain things you need to build, you can also protect your city/area by adding warning systems and building schools/community centres to provide education, you can make your current buildings more resistant to your ENE by upgrading them, or remove at risk buildings.  And of course you only have a certain budget to make changes with…….

THanks Heather Roberts (SCC) for sharing this website with us all.